Cemintel Barestone prefinished panels have become firmly established as Australia’s favourite choice for internal and external applications and are now available in New Zealand.

Barestone panels provide a natural, raw appearance that blends seamlessly into its environment and easily adapts to modern, contemporary designs.

The panels feature Ceminseal water-blocking technology and are factory sanded, ready for installation with a trusted aluminium rail system.

Durable and adaptable, Barestone panels can be used in many diverse ways and cut to different shapes and sizes for a dramatic design effect.


Product Specification

Panel Code: 474611
Panel Width: 1200mm
Panel Length: 3000mm
Cavity Depth: 50mm
Weight (Typical): 17.8 kg/m2
Density (Oven Dry): 1625 kg/m3
Wind Zone Classifications: Up to and including Extra High
Max Wind Load: ULS pressure of +7.0/-7.0kPa
Suitable Framing Types: Timber, Steel or Masonry

Whilst every effort is made to provide marketing material consistent with products supplied, colours are indicative only and may vary from the actual product. State of Clad recommends confirming colour selections with a physical sample prior to making final decisions.