Rigid Air Barrier

Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier is designed for use with Cemintel’s pressure equalised cladding systems to produce effective weather-resistant façades.

Rigid Air Barrier is a 6mm fibre cement panel consisting primarily of Portland Cement, cellulose fibres, sand and water. It is sealed on the face and edges using Cemintel’s proven Ceminseal embedded micro waterblock technology, which repels water, preventing water penetrating into the panel and hence providing a durable sheet that will not rot, swell or warp when correctly installed. By protecting against wind and rain, it allows work to be carried on inside the building prior to cladding being installed.


Product Specification

Panel Width: 1200mm
Panel Length: 3000mm
Cavity Depth: N/A
Weight (Typical): 10 kg/m2
Density (Oven Dry): 1350 kg/m3
Wind Zone Classifications: N/A
Max Wind Load: N/A
Suitable Framing Types: Timber or Steel Frame

Whilst every effort is made to provide marketing material consistent with products supplied, colours are indicative only and may vary from the actual product. State of Clad recommends confirming colour selections with a physical sample prior to making final decisions.