Cemintel Surround™ Secondary Palette is a palette of colours designed to complement the core range of Surround’s neutral colours.

The Cemintel Surround™ range responds to the preference for high performance, lightweight materials and the desire for buildings to enhance the environment where we live. From external façades to interior surfaces, Surround is a reinterpretation of cladding as we know it. With a core range of expertly curated neutral colours and discrete patterns, Surround allows buildings to look as one within their environment. Manufactured in Europe and prefinished, this range works equally well for interior and exterior façades with its sophisticated tactile surfaces, metallic finishes and subtle shades of marl, blue, grey and green. Whiteish matches perfectly with all colours in the Surround palette. For a cool effect, use a steely blue like Gauze, or be really creative with Mete, a soft and rosy blush. For something calming try Aero, a delicate green or soft, neutral Husk which is a light bone.


Product Specification

Panel Code: 474574
Panel Width: 1200mm
Panel Length: 3000mm
Cavity Depth: 50mm
Weight (Typical): 15.7 kg/m2
Density (Oven Dry): 1750 kg/m3
Wind Zone Classifications: Up to and including Extra High
Max Wind Load: ULS pressure of +7.0/-7.0kPa
Suitable Framing Types: Timber, Steel or Masonry

Whilst every effort is made to provide marketing material consistent with products supplied, colours are indicative only and may vary from the actual product. State of Clad recommends confirming colour selections with a physical sample prior to making final decisions.