Territory Quarry
Mottled Rustic Brick

The excavations of a quarry supply the materials used for many building applications. Cemintel Territory™ Quarry evokes the raw, unpretentious, malleable and functional properties of these materials.

Brick is a building material that has been used all over the globe for millennia as a durable layer of protection from the elements. Cemintel Territory brick finishes give you the look of brick in a lightweight and low profile form while still providing the low maintenance customers demand in a modern building product.

Cemintel Territory™ is created for you – a natural cladding range that comes from Japanese values of simplicity, nature and quality. These prefinished cladding panels simulate materials like stone, timber, concrete, metal, tiles and smooth render in a sophisticated way to enhance building façades, without the ongoing maintenance.


Product Specification

Panel Code: 472444
Panel Width: 470mm (overall width) 455mm (coverage)
Panel Length: 3030mm
Cavity Depth: 15mm
Weight (Typical): 17.9-21.8 kg/m2
Density (Oven Dry): 1191 kg/m3
Wind Zone Classifications: Up to and including Extra High
Max Wind Load: ULS pressure of +6.0/-6.0kPa for horizontal installation and +2.6/-3.3 kPa for vertical installation
Suitable Framing Types: Timber, Steel or Masonry

Whilst every effort is made to provide marketing material consistent with products supplied, colours are indicative only and may vary from the actual product. State of Clad recommends confirming colour selections with a physical sample prior to making final decisions.